narnia meme: [2/7] scenes

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"You and the Doctor. I can kind of picture it."

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Origins of Wonder Woman

written by Mark Waid
art by Adam Hughes

What is fascinating about “Combat” is who puts on the symbolic red when Clark switches to black. And yes, the neck to foot red leather does look unfortunately Britney Spears-ish, but the importance is the color, first and foremost. Lois dons the hero color, and when it comes down to the fight with Titan, Lois jumps into the fray for the reason that Clark should be there. While Clark, really, just wants to just let loose and kick some ass, Lois jumps on Titan’s back in an effort to protect Clark. It’s foolish, and silly, and a bit laughable, but her protective impulse is genuine. And that’s the turning point for Clark in the fight, when he suddenly finds a purpose — a protective “leave her alone!” — instead of just looking for some of the old ultra-violence, and starts holding his own. Lois, of course, is conveniently unconscious by this point, but she was the catalyst. And when the fight is over, Clark goes to her side. Their love affair may be years away still, but she is still the one who re-engages his concern for human beings. — huzzlewhat [x]

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just tell me who you are

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NIghtwing Annual #1 - “Embers”

written by  Kyle Higgins
art by Jason Masters, Daniel Sampere, & Vincente Cifuentes